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This is another of my favorite wedding photos. There is something about it that feels like a painting to me. A painting from one the artists of the Skagen group, which used the light of Skagen in Denmark to record the life of the artist colony. Maybe it also reminds of some French painter.

This Norwegian couple held their wedding at one of our beautiful castles around Göteborg. Many Norwegian couples are coming to the castles here to hold their weddings. At first, I thought it was because of economical reasons, which do play a part. But I have also learned that they don’t have castles in Norway and that they like the charm it brings. It’s also just a few hours drive from Oslo, so no big deal to get here.

Back to the photo. If it had been a painting had I composed it in a slightly different manner. Placed the bench away from the edge, more into the picture. But have also been thinking that it might be a good thing that there is something that disturbs a bit, that it can add to the interest.

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