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To summarize, fully understanding redirection can lead you down a rather complicated rabbit hole, but for the majority of the time, using 301 and 302 redirects will suffice for the shifting of permanent and temporary URLs respectively. Again, it’s not wise to move URLs around haphazardly, and this process should only be done if deemed 100% necessary. Finally, exercise extreme caution when editing the .htaccess file (or similar) as a small error can shut down your website. Remember to back up the .htaccess file before editing any code. Continuing the trend of redirection, this blog post will be followed with a post that both explains the 404 HTTP response status and includes a short tutorial on how to set up a 404 page for your Divi website. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post. Please feel free to share any comments or queries below, we love hearing your feedback. Thanks for reading!

Bride and Groom, Aspenäs herrgård, Lerum

Intimt ögonblick mellan brud och brudgum vid fotograferingen innan vigseln.

Intimate moment during the photo session before the ceremony

Aspenäs herrgård, Lerum. Outside Gothenburg Sweden.
June 2016