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Model in wedding dress in springtime at Gunnebo castle

Wedding Model Gunnebo Castel Gothenburg

Photos from a photo session during a workshop with Joe Buissink. Joe lives in Hollywood and is one of the most well known wedding photographers in the world. He has shot many celebrity weddings, and had a lot of interesting experiences to share. He is a firm believer i Wedding Journalism, a style where you most of the day are like a “spy on the wall”. The idea is to not interfere and direct the wedding, but instead be there and photograph what´s happening.

The photos I show here are in no way made in that way. Here have I given instructions, but the photos that makes a lasting impression are always those that comes out of something not foreseen. For me the mixture of a clear planning and then being open to the moments as they play out is the main things in getting the photos I and my clients enjoy most. 

There is an element of Zen in really good photos. An openness and a emptying of ones cup so there is a possibility to be there in the moment and catch whatever arises.