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Wedding Couple At The Swedish Sea Coast On A Stormy Sunny Day

Wedding Couple At The Swedish Sea Coast On A Sunny and Stormy Day

This is a photograph that many people has commenting on when they seen it on display in the studio. And surprisingly many has half-jokingly said that: -Can´t you photoshop us into this photo? That has been when we met for planning their own wedding photo session. That hasn’t happened yet, but who knows..

The photo is quite planned. Was out checking the area some days before the wedding, and was struck by the form of the tree. It was obvious that it had been there for many windy years, and adjusted its shape accordingly.

I also asked Mårten, the owner of the Rolls Royce to park at just this spot. The couple, Anna-Karin & Gustaf, was also asked to stand where they are. What was not planned but turned out to be an important part of the picture is the way the wind makes the dress dance. I took a few more similar frames, but it is just this one where all things comes together.

Do you have plans for getting married in Sweden?